Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association (HCSTTA) Meeting Minutes

Below are the monthly meeting minutes for the Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association. Regular meeting are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month.Meetings will be :October 13, 2004 - November 10, 2004, December 8, 2004, January 12, 2005, February 9, 2005, March 8, 2005, April 13, 2005, and May 11, 2005.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

9-20-05 Minutes

9-20-05 Minutes
HCST&TA Minutes of 9/20/05 meeting

Barry Staves Noel Lawrence
Mike Denapole Joe Polcaro
Kaye Wright Tom Meininger
Thursty McKusick Norm Scianna
Jeff Johnson Bob P.
Bill Weakley Pat Deyle

Meeting called to order by President Jeff Johnson 6:48 PM

Motion by Joe P. to accept minutes of last meeting as read

Financial report -
read by Pat D . motion to accept by Bill W. 2nd Mike Denapole

Old Business -
2005 raffle 1st prize Carson Merkle ( 4 wheeler from Moody’s)
2nd prize William Pierce ( $500)
Points were made about how effective the raffle was by Mike D. considering changes for next year and maybe eliminating it all together. Some discussion as to why the funds are needed since the primary purpose of the HCST&TA is to provide information to the clubs.

New Business -
Guest Heidi Pengratis came to speak about a map that her company is producing.

Jeff J. informed all that the NYS canal Corp. was having a meeting at 10 AM on Sept 29 at Hotel Utica and all interested should attend. He is concerned with the future of the trail from Little Falls to Utica and the use by snomobiles.

The Herkimer county board of tourism is producing an informational booklet and Joe P. made a motion to pay $100 to put all clubs in the booklet 2nd by Pat D. to pay .

Jeff J. wants to have a law enforcement seminar during one of the next meetings before it snows. People from the D.E.C. state police , and park police will be invited to speak about laws for snomobiles .

Magic Mike informed al that the state grooming seminar will be held on the 1st Saturday in January at the Salisbury clubhouse. Also the ride for missing children will be on February 20.

Jeff Johnson spoke of Zippy’s ride for kids and for all to send riders , info available at www.gregzippzdeli.com .

There will be a NYSSA signing seminar given by Dave Perkins at the Big East Snow Show in Syracuse which is from 9/30 – 10/2
There was also some talk of HCST&TA having a booth at the Big East next year.

NYSSA Report - Mike Denapole

Junction signs ordered and coming soon
SRRA passed
Effective Feb. 27, 55 mph speed limit & 14 year old age limit
Effective Sept ’06 two-tier system for registration
Clubs will be given a voucher to prove club membership

At next springs forum there will be a vote to define guidelines for a snow sled club including a minimum membership fee. These need to be changed by April to prevent outlaw clubs.

HCSTTA voted for a minimum single membership of $25

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

4-13-05 Minutes

HCST&TA minutes of 4/13/05 meeting

Present Bob Shaver Kaye Wright
Mike Denapole Tom Labruzzo
Tom Lacomb Pat Deyle
Bill Weakley Norm Scianna
Warren Robinson Joe Polcaro
Thursty McKusick Don Roarke
Barry Staves Marty Bull
Jeff Johnson

Meeting called to order 07:05 PM

Motion-Jeff Johnson
Second-Thursty McKusick- to bypass reading of minutes from last meeting (none to read)

Financial report-
Pat Deyle received from Randy Freeman check for $2500 for maps

motion to move money from checking account to savings to increase interest earned during the summer and to accept financial report as read

Tom Lacomb second-BillWeakley

Old Business -
Pat Deyle to assemble committee for trail fund workshop Wed. July 27 at Ilion Snowdrifters Clubhouse, there was also discussion of a G.P.S. workshop on this date.
Raffle Tickets will be handed out along with a discussion of our activities at the Herkimer County Fair at a brief meeting before the workshop.
Mike Denapole will head this years raffle committee , which will include Thursty M. and Jeff J. they will make the final decision on amount and quantity of prizes . Tickets will be $10 ea.

New Business -
From Bill W.- the Ohio Sno-Bash will be Sept. 18th-19th
From Pat D. The state will provide secondary junction signs this year and he will order them for the clubs.
There was a discussion of getting more sign posts, as they are needed for fields and hillcrests.
Motion- Jeff Johnson
Second-Joe Polcaro – to purchase 1000 posts at $1.25 or better
From Pat Deyle-he has 911 signs and will hand them out
From Mike Denapole- we will have a G.P.S. workshop along with the trail fund workshop in July.
Motion-Jeff Johnson

Second-Joe Polcaro-to purchase one parks approved G.P.S. unit along with accessories and software for Herkimer County Clubs to use.

NYSSA Forum Report -
From Mike Denapole-there was a nearly unanimous vote for NYSSA support of the proposed 55 MPH speed limit.
Marty Bull- passing the 55 limit will aid in the passing of the SRRA II bill
There was also a vote of 147-40 not to pay NYSSA officers

Don Roark- will E-Mail the super raffle results NYSSA made $ 49,000.00 on the raffle.

Trail Funds - From Pat Deyle- paperwork for is due on May 31, get it to him before that , also any trail changes . 75% of high snow money is coming , Herkimer County has voucher for trail fund money.

A discussion to make S-46 from Ohio to Forestport a corridor trail, Tom L. from Ohio and Norm S. from Trackside are working on this proposal.
Discussion of County Rds. Being closed to sleds specifically North Lake Rd. We are attempting to reverse this ruling as not to set a president for this type of action.

Elections of officers

President- Jeff Johnson
Vice President- Joe Polcaro
Secretary- Norm Scianna
Treasurer - Pat Deyle
Motion- Thursty McKusick
Second- Bill Weakley- to accept slate of officers

9:05 PM
Motion – Jeff Johnson
Second – Joe Polcaro – to adjourn

Thursday, March 10, 2005

3-9-05 minutes

HCSTTA minutes of 3/09/05 meeting

Present Bob Shaver
Chuck Robinson
James Pidgeon
Bob Korosek
Kaye Wright
Norm Scianna
Barry Staves
Mike Denapole
Bill Weakley

Called to order 7:05 PM

Motion - Bill Weakley
Second - Chuck Robinson – to accept minutes from last meeting

Motion - Mike Denapole
Second - Chuck Robinson – to accept Treasurer’s report

Received the contract from the Herkimer County Fair for the August 16-21, 2005 Fair.
Motion - Bill Weakley
Second – Norm Scianna – to contract the same as last year – three spaces, skirting and 2 chairs for a total of $575.00
Forwarded to Pat Deyle for submitting.

Old Business
Mike Denapole to check on 911 signs from Jill Rae as some clubs still did not receive them.

No word from Pat Deyle regarding the secondary junction sign order.

Mike Denapole reports that registrations are approximately 8,000 less than last year which may affect this year’s funding.

Trail Funding
From Pat Deyle - 30% paperwork due in to Pat Deyle by April 15th. Make sure that the proper paperwork is used. Parks will not accept any other home made forms.
$50.00 per hour for class A groomers and $35.00 per hour for class B groomers. Do not include expenses in excess of your original grant dollars as you may be subject to a Parks audit.

You may include copies of receipts marked paid and a copies of canceled checks for all items or do it the easy way and use groomer hours as much as possible. You can include insurance, groomer payments, building payments, lease payments, phone bills, electric bills, gas & oil etc. but no food & beverage.

Large purchases of equipment and buildings may be depreciated over 7 years.

New Business

Next months meeting will be April 13th at BOCES and will be election of officers for the upcoming year. President Bob Shaver will not be running for office this time. If anyone is interested please advise Pat Deyle or attend this meeting.

Motion - Bill Weakley
Second - Chuck Robinson - Adjourn

Thursday, February 10, 2005

2-9-05 minutes

HCSTTA minutes of 2/9/05 meeting

Present Bob Shaver
Tom Lacomb
Bill Clary
Chuck Robinson
Thursty McKusic
Kaye Wright
Joe Polcaro
Barry Staves
Don Roark
Mike Denapole
Jim Murphy
Bill Weakley
Ron Haldasz
Bill Hajdasl
Evam Pearl
Steve Schanz
Bob Korosek
Marijo Thompson
Dean Jones

Called to order 7:00 PM

Motion – Joe Polcaro
to accept minutes as printed from last meeting

No Treasurers report

Committee Reports
Received a check from Moody’s for Herkimer County fair to conclude the raffle.

Last of the sign posts delivered to WASTA.

Mike Denapole to check with Jill Rae Signs regarding Canadarago’s signs they ordered.

Mike Denapole reports the 30% check totals may be affected by the lower number of snowmobiles registered this year as compared to last year. We are down between 20 and 30 thousand fewer registered sleds as of now.

Don Roarke has more NYSSA raffle tickets available.

Marty Bull gave report on Legislative items for this year. 2 tier system is dead for this year. Also discussed trail crossings of limited access highways. They need permission from the NYS DOT Regional Engineer.

Forum apps available. Bob Shaver to forward them via e mail.

New Business

Welcomed members from the Deerfield club as they will be looking to apply for the funding of their trails in Herkimer County.

Jim Thew from Thew Associates discussed his proposal for GPS and mapping of our trails.

To discuss the possibility of having a bus for the upcoming Forum in Auburn. Clubs are to see if any members are interested and we will decide next meeting.

Chuck Robinson requests any copy of any of the clubs bylaws.

Upcoming Events -

February 12 – Ride for Missing Children is still on rain or shine snow or little snow. For further info you can call 429-9628 or 429-9619.

February 11 – 13 - Ilion Snowdrifters will be hosting the Yamaha factory dealers show. The event will be dealers only on Friday and open to the public Sat & Sun.

Motion – Bill Clarey
Second – Tom Lacomb - Adjourn

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

1-12-05 minutes

HCSTTA minutes of 1/12/05 meeting
Present: Bob Shaver, Pat Deyle, Bill Clary, Chuck Robinson, Kaye Wright, Joe Polcaro, Norm Scianna, Frank Boepple, Barry Staves, Don Roark, Steve Klem, Mike Denapole, Jim Murphy, Ron Williams, Bill Weakley, Jeff Crouse
Called to order 7:00 PM
  • Motion - Joe Polcaro, Second Steve Klem to accept minutes from last meeting
  • Motion - Frank Boepple, Second Bill Weakley to accept Treasurer's report
Committee Reports -
  • Mike Denapole reports that maps have been distributed and he has a few left for the clubs to distribute. Discussed next year's map which will be brought up at the September meeting.
  • Pat Deyle reports the raffle netted approx $3,300.00. We did not receive the $75.00 from two dealers for the Herkimer County Fair Booth. Frank Boepple to contact the Polaris dealer regarding this.
Old Business
  • Motion - Brad Smith, Second Steve Klem to pay $25.00 Dues to the American Council of Snowmobiling Assoc.
  • Motion - Bill Weakley, Second Joe Polcaro regarding correspondence from the Thew Associates PLLC to table the purchase of a GPS and obtain a quote to GPS Herkimer County trails.
  • Motion - Joe Polcaro, Second Bill Weakley to purchase the necessary trail junction signs from Voss.
  • Mike Denapole reports the January NYSSA meeting will be this Saturday. Don Roarke requests any NYSSA raffle tickets be turned in as the Bonus drawing will be this Saturday.
Trail Funding
  • Pat Deyle to send a correspondence from HCSTTA to Bernadette Castro of Parks & Rec regarding the delay in receiving 70% funding. The voucher was returned to the State Comptrollers office in December.
  • Clubs are reminded for their paper work that the State minimum wage increased January 1st.
  • Long Pond and Deerfield to request funding for their trails starting next year. Long Pond will receive "High Snow" monies this year.
New Business
  • Motion - Frank Boepple, Second Joe Polcaro to pay Mike Denapole's submitted expenses for NYSSA activities
  • Discussed having a Club Officer's Workshop in conjunction with the Trail Fund workshop held in July. We will invite Jim Jennings to attend.
  • All clubs are requested to send in their NYSSA memberships on a monthly basis to avoid the Spring Rush.
Upcoming Events - January 22 Ohio Poker Run, February 12 Ride for Missing Children
Motion Joe PolcaroSecond Steve Klem - Adjourn

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

12-8-04 minutes

HCSTTA minutes of 12/8/04 meeting


Bob Shaver
Marty Bull
Bill Clary
Chuck Robinson
Kaye Wright
Travis Dyn
Joe Polcaro
Barry Staves
Don Roark
Steve Klem
Jeff Johnson
Mike Denapole
Jim Murphy
Dean Jones
Bill Weakley

Called to order 7:00 PM

Motion - Marty Bull
Second – Bill Weakley – to accept minutes from last meeting as printed

Treasurer’s report - N/A

Request by Don Roark for Treasurer’s report. Bob Shaver to have Pat Deyle e mail a report when he will not be available for the meeting.

Received dues from Ohio, West Canada and Trackside

Old Business
Motion - Mike Denapole
Second – Bill Weakley – to purchase 1 GPS unit at a cost not to exceed $1,000. GPS unit to meet the specifications to be determined by Dave Perkins. Marty Bull to make arrangements for purchase.

Mike Denapole reports the map has been sent to printer. Maps to be distributed no later than the next meeting. If they are available sooner we will make arrangements to get them out.

Chuck Robinson reports 100 posts remaining. Exeter and Ilion requests to purchase 50 each at cost.

Much discussion regarding junction sign requirements. All clubs are reminded that Corridor to Corridor junctions must be signed with the signs provided by Parks and to the specifications set in the signing manual. Any clubs can contact Dave Perkins for a copy of the manual.

Pat Deyle will be contacted regarding assigning intersection numbers for the remaining intersections and forward this information to Dave Perkins.

Steve Klem will contact John Karker regarding Otsego County.

When the information is completed we will discuss coordinating the purchase of the applicable signs.

Marty Bull advises a vacancy exists for NYSSA delegate at large. If anyone is interested in running for the position at the next Forum they can contact Marty.

Don Roarke reported on the NYSSA raffle. He has tickets available. Tickets sold by the clubs will retain 50% of the $5 purchase price.

Mike Denapole requests that clubs submit membership lists and dues in a timely manner.

NYSSA has set January 22nd Club membership day. Clubs are encouraged to host a membership drive on the trails as they did last year.

Clubs should check the NYSSA web site club listings. If they are not on it or the information is incorrect, let them know.

HCSTTA dues to NYSSA are now due.

New Business –

Ohio Ridgeriders are looking for a grant writer to assist them with submitting grant requests.

TV2 Sportscaster Rich Lupia has requested trail reports for his telecast. All clubs are asked to submit a report to Rich via Email. Jeff Johnson will get the details along with an Email address.

Motion - Jeff Johnson
Second – Steve Klem – to have a 70% get together when the checks are ready to distribute.

Upcoming Events -

January 7-8 – Groomer Show and Seminar at Salisbury – Contact Majic Mike

January 21-22 – NASCAR ride for kids in Old Forge. $250 reg fee. Contact J Johnson for details

All clubs are encouraged to send their events to Ted Koz for posting on the County web site. Also events can be placed in the NYSSA magazine but they require 2 month lead time.

Motion – Bill Weakley
Second – Marty Bull - Adjourn

Thursday, November 11, 2004

11-10-04 Minutes

HCSTTA Minutes of November 10, 2004 Meeting

Called to order 7:00 PM with the following members present:

Bob Shaver
Bill Weakley
Bill Cleary
Mike Denapole
Jim Murphy
Barry Stave
Warren Robinson
Marty Bull
Joe Polcaro
Norm Scianna
Steve Schanz
Steve Klem
Kaye Wright

Motion – Joe Polcaro
Second – Bill Weakley - to accept minutes of last meeting as printed

No Treasures report

Chuck Robinson advises we have 200 posts remaining from the last order. Please contact Chuck if you need more.

Much discussion regarding Otsego County and the trail map. There is an independent person selling ads for an Otsego County map. He has been selling ads within Herkimer County.

Members from the Otsego County clubs will bring back information at the March meeting regarding a trail map for their area.

Marty Bull gave the NYSSA report.
- within the next 2 years all clubs funded trails will require GPS. Marty suggests the County purchase 1 or 2 GPS units of their own at a cost of up to $500 each. This was tabled for further discussion.
- NYSSA working on standardizing the method to retrieve taxes from fuel purchases.
- NYSSA web site has a “Landowners Boucher” that will have landowners info. All clubs should review this section.
- PAC monies spent will be reported in the future to members.

Motion – Steve Klem
Second – Joe Polcaro – to raise the County Dues to $100 per year

Motion – Steve Klem
Second – Joe Polcaro – to adjourn

Next Meeting – Wednesday December 8, 2004 7:00 PM at the Herkimer County BOCES