Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association (HCSTTA) Meeting Minutes

Below are the monthly meeting minutes for the Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association. Regular meeting are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month.Meetings will be :October 13, 2004 - November 10, 2004, December 8, 2004, January 12, 2005, February 9, 2005, March 8, 2005, April 13, 2005, and May 11, 2005.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

9-20-05 Minutes

9-20-05 Minutes
HCST&TA Minutes of 9/20/05 meeting

Barry Staves Noel Lawrence
Mike Denapole Joe Polcaro
Kaye Wright Tom Meininger
Thursty McKusick Norm Scianna
Jeff Johnson Bob P.
Bill Weakley Pat Deyle

Meeting called to order by President Jeff Johnson 6:48 PM

Motion by Joe P. to accept minutes of last meeting as read

Financial report -
read by Pat D . motion to accept by Bill W. 2nd Mike Denapole

Old Business -
2005 raffle 1st prize Carson Merkle ( 4 wheeler from Moody’s)
2nd prize William Pierce ( $500)
Points were made about how effective the raffle was by Mike D. considering changes for next year and maybe eliminating it all together. Some discussion as to why the funds are needed since the primary purpose of the HCST&TA is to provide information to the clubs.

New Business -
Guest Heidi Pengratis came to speak about a map that her company is producing.

Jeff J. informed all that the NYS canal Corp. was having a meeting at 10 AM on Sept 29 at Hotel Utica and all interested should attend. He is concerned with the future of the trail from Little Falls to Utica and the use by snomobiles.

The Herkimer county board of tourism is producing an informational booklet and Joe P. made a motion to pay $100 to put all clubs in the booklet 2nd by Pat D. to pay .

Jeff J. wants to have a law enforcement seminar during one of the next meetings before it snows. People from the D.E.C. state police , and park police will be invited to speak about laws for snomobiles .

Magic Mike informed al that the state grooming seminar will be held on the 1st Saturday in January at the Salisbury clubhouse. Also the ride for missing children will be on February 20.

Jeff Johnson spoke of Zippy’s ride for kids and for all to send riders , info available at www.gregzippzdeli.com .

There will be a NYSSA signing seminar given by Dave Perkins at the Big East Snow Show in Syracuse which is from 9/30 – 10/2
There was also some talk of HCST&TA having a booth at the Big East next year.

NYSSA Report - Mike Denapole

Junction signs ordered and coming soon
SRRA passed
Effective Feb. 27, 55 mph speed limit & 14 year old age limit
Effective Sept ’06 two-tier system for registration
Clubs will be given a voucher to prove club membership

At next springs forum there will be a vote to define guidelines for a snow sled club including a minimum membership fee. These need to be changed by April to prevent outlaw clubs.

HCSTTA voted for a minimum single membership of $25