Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association (HCSTTA) Meeting Minutes

Below are the monthly meeting minutes for the Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association. Regular meeting are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month.Meetings will be :October 13, 2004 - November 10, 2004, December 8, 2004, January 12, 2005, February 9, 2005, March 8, 2005, April 13, 2005, and May 11, 2005.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

12-8-04 minutes

HCSTTA minutes of 12/8/04 meeting


Bob Shaver
Marty Bull
Bill Clary
Chuck Robinson
Kaye Wright
Travis Dyn
Joe Polcaro
Barry Staves
Don Roark
Steve Klem
Jeff Johnson
Mike Denapole
Jim Murphy
Dean Jones
Bill Weakley

Called to order 7:00 PM

Motion - Marty Bull
Second – Bill Weakley – to accept minutes from last meeting as printed

Treasurer’s report - N/A

Request by Don Roark for Treasurer’s report. Bob Shaver to have Pat Deyle e mail a report when he will not be available for the meeting.

Received dues from Ohio, West Canada and Trackside

Old Business
Motion - Mike Denapole
Second – Bill Weakley – to purchase 1 GPS unit at a cost not to exceed $1,000. GPS unit to meet the specifications to be determined by Dave Perkins. Marty Bull to make arrangements for purchase.

Mike Denapole reports the map has been sent to printer. Maps to be distributed no later than the next meeting. If they are available sooner we will make arrangements to get them out.

Chuck Robinson reports 100 posts remaining. Exeter and Ilion requests to purchase 50 each at cost.

Much discussion regarding junction sign requirements. All clubs are reminded that Corridor to Corridor junctions must be signed with the signs provided by Parks and to the specifications set in the signing manual. Any clubs can contact Dave Perkins for a copy of the manual.

Pat Deyle will be contacted regarding assigning intersection numbers for the remaining intersections and forward this information to Dave Perkins.

Steve Klem will contact John Karker regarding Otsego County.

When the information is completed we will discuss coordinating the purchase of the applicable signs.

Marty Bull advises a vacancy exists for NYSSA delegate at large. If anyone is interested in running for the position at the next Forum they can contact Marty.

Don Roarke reported on the NYSSA raffle. He has tickets available. Tickets sold by the clubs will retain 50% of the $5 purchase price.

Mike Denapole requests that clubs submit membership lists and dues in a timely manner.

NYSSA has set January 22nd Club membership day. Clubs are encouraged to host a membership drive on the trails as they did last year.

Clubs should check the NYSSA web site club listings. If they are not on it or the information is incorrect, let them know.

HCSTTA dues to NYSSA are now due.

New Business –

Ohio Ridgeriders are looking for a grant writer to assist them with submitting grant requests.

TV2 Sportscaster Rich Lupia has requested trail reports for his telecast. All clubs are asked to submit a report to Rich via Email. Jeff Johnson will get the details along with an Email address.

Motion - Jeff Johnson
Second – Steve Klem – to have a 70% get together when the checks are ready to distribute.

Upcoming Events -

January 7-8 – Groomer Show and Seminar at Salisbury – Contact Majic Mike

January 21-22 – NASCAR ride for kids in Old Forge. $250 reg fee. Contact J Johnson for details

All clubs are encouraged to send their events to Ted Koz for posting on the County web site. Also events can be placed in the NYSSA magazine but they require 2 month lead time.

Motion – Bill Weakley
Second – Marty Bull - Adjourn


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