Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association (HCSTTA) Meeting Minutes

Below are the monthly meeting minutes for the Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association. Regular meeting are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month.Meetings will be :October 13, 2004 - November 10, 2004, December 8, 2004, January 12, 2005, February 9, 2005, March 8, 2005, April 13, 2005, and May 11, 2005.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

11-10-04 Minutes

HCSTTA Minutes of November 10, 2004 Meeting

Called to order 7:00 PM with the following members present:

Bob Shaver
Bill Weakley
Bill Cleary
Mike Denapole
Jim Murphy
Barry Stave
Warren Robinson
Marty Bull
Joe Polcaro
Norm Scianna
Steve Schanz
Steve Klem
Kaye Wright

Motion – Joe Polcaro
Second – Bill Weakley - to accept minutes of last meeting as printed

No Treasures report

Chuck Robinson advises we have 200 posts remaining from the last order. Please contact Chuck if you need more.

Much discussion regarding Otsego County and the trail map. There is an independent person selling ads for an Otsego County map. He has been selling ads within Herkimer County.

Members from the Otsego County clubs will bring back information at the March meeting regarding a trail map for their area.

Marty Bull gave the NYSSA report.
- within the next 2 years all clubs funded trails will require GPS. Marty suggests the County purchase 1 or 2 GPS units of their own at a cost of up to $500 each. This was tabled for further discussion.
- NYSSA working on standardizing the method to retrieve taxes from fuel purchases.
- NYSSA web site has a “Landowners Boucher” that will have landowners info. All clubs should review this section.
- PAC monies spent will be reported in the future to members.

Motion – Steve Klem
Second – Joe Polcaro – to raise the County Dues to $100 per year

Motion – Steve Klem
Second – Joe Polcaro – to adjourn

Next Meeting – Wednesday December 8, 2004 7:00 PM at the Herkimer County BOCES