Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association (HCSTTA) Meeting Minutes

Below are the monthly meeting minutes for the Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association. Regular meeting are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month.Meetings will be :October 13, 2004 - November 10, 2004, December 8, 2004, January 12, 2005, February 9, 2005, March 8, 2005, April 13, 2005, and May 11, 2005.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Minutes from the November 12, 2003 meeting

The following were present - Ted Kozenewski (Ilion), Ed Jones (WASTA), Earl S. (WASTA), Marty Bull (WASTA), Mike Denapole (Salisbury), Arnold Schrader (E.Herkimer), Wayne Hartman (E.Herkimer), Bill Weakley (Ohio), Tom LaComb (Ohio), Bill Clary (Ohio), Bob Shaver (E.Herkimer), Lennny Mosher (ShuMaker), Brad Smith, Steve Klem, Steve Schanz (all from Canadarago), Chuck Robinson (Exeter), Jim Murphy (W.Canada). Also in attendance were the following law enforcement officers - Sgt. Jack Adams/NYS Park Police, Sgt. Mark Phillips/NYS Police, Trooper Tom Costello/NYS Police, Herkimer County Sheriff Chris Farber, Lt. Matt Jacoby/NYS Encon Law Enforcement Division, Lt. John Allen/Oneida County Sheriff's Dept., Rick Hart/ Herkimer Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Meeting was called to order at 7:15pm by President Bob Shaver

Last meeting minutes were accepted motion made by Marty Bull, 2nd by Bill Weakley.

Treasurers Report - none as Pat is out of town.

This meeting was our Law Enforcement Night.

All the law enforcement representatives on the above list spoke about their role in enforcing the various rules & regulation involving snowmobiling. All stressed that they will be enforcing registration, insurance, loud exhaust, DWI and DUI of drugs. They reminded us that the legal limit for alcohol has been lowered from .1 to .08, this applies to snowmobiling. They also spoke on the new courtesy inspection program where you would get your sled inspected and if the sled is in compliance with the regulations you would be issued a sticker. This could possibly make it easier when you come to a police checkpoint. It was also said that the stickers wouldn't automatically prevent you from being stopped. All of the representatives(except the Oneida County Sheriff) said that they were going to have more patrols etc. in Herkimer County this year.

After a short break we had our normal meeting. The following is what was discussed.

- Otsego County requests being included in next year's map. They have some county funds available. Turned over to Mike Denapole.

- Otesego County clubs have now received their 30% checks.

- Motion - Steve Klem
Second - Brad Smith - to purchase 500 posts for $1.25 each. This will allot up to 50 posts per each member club. If any club wishes to purchase more than that contact Chuck Robinson and it can be added to the order. We will be getting help painting them from a couple of local Boy Scout Troops.

- Discussed 911 signs. All clubs are asked to calculate how many signs the would need at 2 signs per road crossing and bring back to the next meeting or forward to Bob Shaver.

- Discussed Business memberships. All member clubs are asked to try to sell business memberships for HCSTTA at a cost of $25.00. This will get them a framed certificate, placed on our website and advertised on the posters and tickets for next year's fund raiser. Members are also encouraged to offer NYSSA business memberships. Contact Mike Denapole for details.

- NYSSA report given by Marty Bull.
- Update on trail insurance
- Complete list of landowners must be sent to Jim Jennings ASAP
- New contact person for Nimo name & # will be forwarded shortly
- Statewide NYSSA membership drive will be January 17th - all clubs are invited to participate

Motion - Bill Clary
Second - Tom Lacomb - to adjourn