Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association (HCSTTA) Meeting Minutes

Below are the monthly meeting minutes for the Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association. Regular meeting are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month.Meetings will be :October 13, 2004 - November 10, 2004, December 8, 2004, January 12, 2005, February 9, 2005, March 8, 2005, April 13, 2005, and May 11, 2005.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

10-15-03 minutes

Minutes from the October meeting

HCSTTA minutes of 10/15/03 meeting

Present Bob Shaver
Marty Bull
Pat Deyle
Tom Lacomb
Bill Clary
Chuck Robinson
Frank Boepple
Ruth Boepple

Called to order 7:20 PM

Reading of minutes from last meeting - N/A

Treasurers report: Rcv*d check from Randy Freeman Motion to accept - Tom Lacomb
Second - Frank Boepple

Raffle report: 1,204 tickets sold less prizes and expenses left $3381.00 for clubs and $2515.00 for the Association.
Discussed possible changes for next years raffle. 2004 raffle to be discussed at the March meeting to have set by the May meeting.

Motion - Tom Lacomb
Second - Bill Clary to $50 Mike Denapole & Mary Farber and $50 to Marty and Theresa Leigh for selling the most tickets

All members are asked to sell business memberships for HCSTTA at a cost of $25
which will include a certificate, listing on our web site and listing on the next fund raiser raffle tickets and posters. Bob Shaver has old posters and tickets available for you to use as examples when soliciting. We will be getting together with Mike Denapole to add NYSSA business memberships.

Discussed Club Membership fees to HCSTTA and decided leave them the same this year. $30

NYSSA report by Marty Bull

NYSSA has decided to purchase statewide trail insurance from Lexington Ins. Co. thru the Cool Agency. Premiums to be paid from the trail fund and will cover all funded and non funded trails of member clubs. Much discussion followed.

The Snowmobile Act will continue into 2004. The Assembly wants to remove the registration fee raise and put into the Governors Budget Bill relieving them from being responsible for raising fees. To be continued.
Marty presented a new training tape to use with the snowmobile safety classes. Pat Deyle will have copies made. If he doesn*t send you a copy feel free to contact him and he will make sure you get one.

The new Trail Inspection program should be utilized this year. Trail Coordinators will handle details.

Chuck Robinson & Frank Boepple to get prices for rough cut sign posts. We have a couple of Boy Scout Troops lined up to paint them for Community Projects.

Next months meeting will be a Law Enforcement Night. Representatives from the various agency will be invited to attend. Please contact Jesse Davis if you have any ideas or comments regarding this.

Frank Boepple will look into the *trail dot* program and bring it back to next months meeting. This is a sticker that is applied to each sled that passes a law enforcement check. This will save time for both the officers and riders both.

Motion - Bill Clary
Second - tom Lacomb - Adjourn