Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association (HCSTTA) Meeting Minutes

Below are the monthly meeting minutes for the Herkimer County Snowmobile Trail & Trade Association. Regular meeting are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month.Meetings will be :October 13, 2004 - November 10, 2004, December 8, 2004, January 12, 2005, February 9, 2005, March 8, 2005, April 13, 2005, and May 11, 2005.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

3-12-03 minutes

Minutes from HCSTTA meeting - Herkimer County BOCES 3-12-03

Members present - Lenny Mosher, Bill Clary, Frank & Ruth Boepple, Ted Kozenewski, Bob Shaver, Pat Deyle, Mike Denapole, Jesse Davis, Chuck Robinson, Steve Klem, Marty Bull and Dick Guido.

Meeting called to order by VP Bob Shaver at 7:10 pm.

Motion to accept the minutes as written by Jesse Davis , 2nd by Steve Klem.

Treasurers Report - Pat handed out the financial sheet and explained our finances. Our checkbook balance is $971.21, our savings balance is $6581.94 giving us a total net worth of $7553.15. Motion to accept the Treasurers report made by Steve Klem, 2nd by Frank Boepple.

Committee Reports -

HCSTTA Shirts - Lenny reported that he has contacted Graphtex in Utica about doing the shirts. We decided to get prices on getting the NYSSA logo and the HCSTTA logo on the front for 20 to 25 shirts. He was going to get prices on a denim shirt and a polo style shirt. Lenny will report back with his findings.

HCCC Trailhead - it's a dead issue for this year due to landowner problems. It is still being worked on and hopefully all the problems will be worked out and it will be ready for next season.

Law Enforcement - a brief discussion was held on the various law enforcement that has been out on our trails this season. It has been good to see and hopefully it will continue next season.

NYSSA Update - Marty gave us an update of the new (proposed) laws that NYSSA is going to try to get passed for next year. Here they are -

Snowmobile Legislation Ideas or an Omnibus Snowmobile Bill

1. Alcohol and Drug DWI (Driving While Impaired) We would like to see this changed to have people ticketed and found guilty of DWI while operating a snowmobile have this directly effect their automobile drivers license.
2. Speed Limits. We would like to see a maximum speed limit on trails of 55 MPH, with strong emphases on reasonable and prudent speeds for trails where 55 MPH is to fast for conditions for that type of trail. This I know is very subjective. Again this would also affect the operator’s driver’s license with points for speeding.
3. Assumed Risk. We would like to see as part of the law that snowmobilers have assumed the risk of danger while operating a snowmobile in the State of New York. This needs to be similar to that of the Ski Areas of New York State. People know that they are operating a dangerous piece of machinery on trails that the conditions change by the minute, hour and day.
4. Trail Fund Fees. We would like to see Parks and Recreation set the trail fund fees for each year and not the legislature. These moneys would go into a fund for distribution to the agencies that are handing out the trail funds to the clubs. This would take the legislature out of the worries of who was responsible for the increases in trail fund fee.
5. Registration. Have the DMV change to a 3 year registration fee ($15.00) for snowmobiles and Parks and Recreation set up an annual trail fund pass to be issued to all snowmobilers operating on trails in the state of New York. They could be sold like hunting and fishing license are in NY now, at retail location throughout the state. This would make much easier to have out of state riders buy trail passes. It would cut the cost of DMV. We would like to see the trail fund fees set at some where between $50 and $75 per sled per year like other states and provinces have done in New England and Eastern Canada.
6. Insurance. You must show proof of liability insurance when purchasing your trail permit for the year. We recommend a minimum of $100,000 liability insurance at this time.
7. Change the General Obligations Laws to allow a non profit 501 C corporation from the state of New York, to charge a fee for services on property without the landowner becoming liable for damages from any accidents on the property as long as the landowner does not receive any compensation for the use of their land.
8. Age limits. It is time to change the laws governing the operational age limits of snowmobiles. Right now it is 10 years old with a training course certificate. That is way too young for a child to operate any sled. There should be more guidelines for the operation of snowmobiles by minors. Parents or Guardian must be present and limitations to horse power. There also should be limits to times of day children would be allow to operate a snowmobile, for example, maybe daylight hours only.
9. Law Enforcement. We feel that increases in the money for trail funds should also reflect and increase in the amount of money for law enforcement.
10. Standardize Safety requirements for the state. We feel the State should set standards for all snowmobile related safety signs. They should meet the international requirements for snowmobile signs, in size and color. That way we are consistent throughout the state and the world. There should be steep penalties for stealing or destroying any snowmobile safety sign. The state should set minimum standards for bridges, trails and marking safety sign location requirements for all hazardous locations on the trails.
11. Mandatory Snowmobile Club membership. We would like to see each Trail Fund Pass purchaser assign a club or NYSSA as their information center for snowmobiling in NY. Personally I would prefer NYSSA take that responsibility on, but clubs that have a good recorded of informing their members could also do a good job at this. There are some clubs with no news letters and no meetings.
12. Landowner should receive a property tax break for having trails on their property.
13. Require all new snowmobiles sold in NY State to have mirrors on them and all snowmobiles by the year 2008 have mirrors on them.

Mike Denapole also briefed us on the upcoming NYSSA Forum April 12th in Batavia.

Missing Children's Ride - Jesse gave us a brief overview of what went on at the ride. About 200 riders participated and close to $13,000.00 was raised.

New Business

- Paperwork for the 30% check needs to be in to Pat Deyle no later than April 15th. Also clubs in the "high snow" areas need to get the trail number and mileage of that trail to Pat.

- East Herkimer Sno Riders are considering taking over the trail from Kast Bridge to the Frankfort Bridge. It is still in the planning stages.

- Election Of Officers Next Meeting - Pat Deyle is heading the nominating committee, if anyone is interested in running for any office contact him at 894-4652 or cpat4par@ntcnet.com

Upcoming Events - April 12 Ilion Snowdrifters Annual Landowner's Appreciation Banquet, April 26 Salisbury Ridgerunners Landowner's Banquet.

8:59pm Motion by Lenny to close the meeting, 2nd by Bill Clary.

Next Meeting is April 9th